Installing Tosca in CITRIX environments

Tosca can be installed and used in a CITRIX environment. CITRIX is usually characterized by extremely limited user rights. This particularly concerns rights to write and modify files. These limited rights must be considered when installing and organizing Tosca projects.

The actual restrictions depend on the configuration of the CITRIX environment. The aspects described in the following are considered to be recommendations and best practices for restrictively configured CITRIX environments.

Required write permissions

When a user starts a Windows instance under CITRIX, this is usually done on the C:\ drive. But the user has no rights to create, modify or delete files here.

Daily work with Tosca however requires write permissions for some directories, e.g. the (sub-) directories of C:\Tosca_Projects and C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Testsuite. Under CITRIX, a directory must be provided on a network drive which can be used for this purpose.

How to install Tosca under CITRIX

Please consider the following steps when installing Tosca under CITRIX:

  1. During the Tricentis Tosca Testsuite setup the user is prompted to specify a path where Tosca projects should be stored.

    Tosca suggests the directory C:\Tosca_Projects by default, but you can use any paths. In step 3, the directory serves as a reference but it will not be used later on.

  2. A directory must be created on a network drive, in which every Tosca user has its own sub-directory <USER_X>\. We recommend applying the user name required for the CITRIX login here as the directory name.

  3. The directories <USER_X>\Settings and <USER_X>\Tosca_Projects must be created in each user directory.

    For the directory %TRICENTIS_Projects% you can use the directory (and its content) that was installed during the setup as a template (see also point 1).

  4. Upon the Tricentis Tosca Testsuite setup, a path variable %TRICENTIS_HOME% is created, which points to the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Testsuite by default.

  5. When the Tricentis Tosca Testsuite setup is performed, a path variable %TRICENTIS_PROJECTS% is created which points to the directory C:\Tosca_Projects by default.

    Since this directory is stored on a network drive for each user in CITRIX, this path variable must be individually set for each user. This is done when a CITRIX instance is started by a Tosca user. At that time the path variable must be automatically set.

    This can happen automated, provided that the name of the CITRIX user matches the name of the sub-directory on the network drive (see point 2).

  6. After the installation the references to the directory C:\Temp in the setting elements TempDir must be replaced in the %TRICENTIS_HOME%\TCShell.exe.config and %TRICENTIS_HOME%\TOSCACommander.exe.config files by a directory for which users have write permissions.

    You can use the directory on the network drive here, in which the user directories were created.

  7. If Tosca is used in a multiuser project, one workspace must be created for each user. This workspace can be stored in the respective user directory on the network drive at: <USER_X>\%TRICENTIS_Projects%\Tosca_Workspaces.

  8. Workspaces and users require settings which can be modified individually.

    For this purpose, create at least one sub-directory <USER_X>\Settings in the respective user directory on the network drive. This directory must contain the Settings.xml file.

    Example files with default settings are located at %TRICENTIS_HOME%\dll\Settings\XML. A reference to the settings in the respective user directory <USER_X>\Settings must be created in the %TRICENTIS_HOME%\dll\Settings\XML\MetaSettings.xml file.

    As mentioned in point 5, the path variable %TRICENTIS_PROJECTS% can be used for this purpose.

    Example of a reference:


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