Install Tricentis Tosca Server via InstallShield Wizard

This chapter covers the installation process of the Tricentis Tosca Server via InstallShield Wizard.

To install the Tricentis Tosca Server, you need local administrator rights.

Tosca Commander and the Tricentis Tosca Server must have the same version to enable communication.

Make sure to install Tricentis Tosca first.


The installation potentially requires one or more restarts of the operating system. You can run the installation with planned or with automatic system restarts.

Run the installation with planned system restarts

The following setups provide you with an option to restart your system during the process or later:

Once you have downloaded and installed the setups, you can start the Tricentis Tosca Server installation.

Run the installation with automatic system restarts

The Tricentis Tosca Server setup automatically installs the components needed. During the installation process, the operating system is restarted without user interaction, if necessary.

Start the installation

To start the installation, follow the steps below:

  1. Unzip the contents of the ToscaServer_<version number>.zip file.

  2. Double-click the file ToscaServer<version number>.exe . This opens the InstallShield Wizard.

As a first step, the system verifies whether you have all required components installed on your workstation:

Component check in the InstallShield Wizard

Click Install to start installing missing components.

Requirement Enable Internet Information Services (IIS) in the component check

The Tricentis Tosca Server features require Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), which need to be installed before the InstallShield Wizard can start the actual installation.

The following IIS features are installed:















Features that are marked with an asterisk are installed for IIS 8. Features marked with two asterisks are installed for IIS 8.5 and IIS 10.

When IIS is enabled for the first time, the website Default Web Site is created on port 80.

If you want to use this port for the Tricentis Tosca Server, you have to stop this website in the IIS Manager.

Perform the installation

The InstallShield Wizard guides you through the installation process.

InstallShield Wizard

Click Next to continue.

Accept the license agreement

In the subsequent dialog, accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next to continue.

License Agreement

Tosca Diagnostics

In the Tosca Diagnostics dialog, you can choose whether you would like to enable Tosca Diagnostics or not.

Tosca Diagnostics helps to improve Tricentis Tosca by anonymously sending usage data to Tricentis. For more information on the Tricentis privacy policy, see

Enable Tosca Diagnostics

Click Next to continue.

Select the installation directory

By default, the InstallShield Wizard installs Tricentis Tosca Server in C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Server.

You can specify a different directory in the Destination Folder dialog.

Destination Folder dialog

Click Next to continue.

Select features for the installation

In the subsequent screen, choose which Tricentis Tosca Server features you want to install.

Select Tricentis Tosca Server features to install

The Tosca REST API Service requires Tricentis Tosca to be installed.

Click Next to continue.

Configure the features

At this point, you need to perform an initial configuration of the selected Tricentis Tosca Server features. You can adapt or extend these configurations later on.

Click Configure to continue.

Configure the features

Depending on which features you selected, you can configure the following settings:

Shared settings

In the Tricentis Tosca Server shared Settings dialog, you can configure the following settings:

Shared settings

Click Next to continue.

Tosca REST API Service settings

In the REST API Settings dialog, configure the Workspaces path, i.e. the path to the directory where all workspaces are stored.

The default path is %TRICENTIS_PROJECTS%\Tosca_Workspaces.

You can adapt or extend Tosca REST API Service configurations later on (see the Tosca REST API documentation).

Tosca REST API Service settings

By default, the Tricentis Tosca Server uses the Identity LocalSystem for the Application Pool.

If you want to use the Identity ApplicationPoolIdentity, the Application Pool requires read and write permissions for the user IIS APPPOOL\<Application Pool Name> in the directory C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile.

Click Next to continue.

Tosca Analytics settings

In the Tosca Analytics Settings dialog, you can specify settings for Tosca Analytics.

You can adapt or extend these configurations later on (see chapter "Configuring Tosca Analytics").

Tosca Analytics settings

You can configure the following settings:

Click Next to continue.

Exploratory Testing Server settings

In the Exploratory Test Server Settings dialog, enter the activation key for the Exploratory Testing Server. This key is provided in your License Agreement.

You can also enter the key later on and continue the installation for now. Note that you cannot send session invites to exploratory testers for as long as you haven't entered the key (see chapter "Configure Server").

Enter product key

Click Next to continue.

Finish the installation

After you have configured your selected features, you can continue with the installation process.

Successful configuration

Click Next to continue.

The subsequent dialog provides you with a configuration overview.

Click Install to carry out the installation.

At this stage, the installation of the Tricentis Tosca Server is complete.

To view a protocol of the installation process, select Show the Windows Installer log before you click Finish.

To open the Tricentis Tosca Server website, select Open Tosca Server in Browser before you click Finish.

If you have chosen an HTTPS binding, select Open Tosca Server HTTPS configuration manual for information on the HTTPS configuration. The InstallShield Wizard automatically creates the desktop shortcut Tosca Server HTTPS Manual. You can also open the manual via the Windows Start Menu Start->All Programs->Tricentis->Tosca Server->HTTPSManual.

Completed installation process: HTTP binding

Click Finish to complete the installation.

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