Configure snapshots after installation

This chapter describes how to configure snapshots after the initial installation of Tricentis Analytics.

Schedule snapshots

Tricentis Analytics can only take snapshots of multi-user workspaces.

Tricentis recommends that you create a new local multi-user workspace for the common repository that you want to snapshot. After adding the new multi-user workspace to the Snapshotter, do not make any changes to this workspace.

You can schedule your snapshots in the schedulerSection of your Tricentis.Analytics.Scheduling.Scheduler.json file. This file is located at %Tricentis_Home%.

To do so, set your snapShotScheduling to one of the following two options:

Time of Day

If you select TimeOfDay, Tricentis Analytics takes a snapshot every day. Enter your preferred time into StartHourOfDay and StartMinuteOfDay.

The available options for StartHourOfDay are 0-23. The available options for StartMinuteOfDay are 0-59.


If you select Interval, Tricentis Analytics takes a snapshot of your workspaces at a specific interval. Enter your preferred interval into IntervalInMinutes.

The minimum value for IntervalInMinutes is 1. The maximum value is 2147483647.

IntervalInMinutes, StartHourOfDay, and StartMinuteOfDay must all have a value entered, even if you are not using that value.

In the example below, the Snapshotter takes a snapshot every 60 minutes.

"Scheduling": {

"Type": "Interval",

"IntervalInMinutes": "60",

"StartHourOfDay": "10",

"StartMinuteOfDay": "0"


After adjusting the Tricentis.Analytics.Scheduling.Scheduler.json file, the Tricentis.Analytics.SnapshotScheduler service must be restarted.

Specify workspaces to snapshot

To see your data in Tricentis Analytics, you need to specify which workspaces Tricentis Analytics should take snapshots of.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the file Tricentis.Analytics.Snapshotting.Snapshotter.json, located at %Tricentis_Home%.

  2. Add the path of each workspace for which you want to see data in Tricentis Analytics.

    To do so, enter the required workspaces in the Workspaces section, using the syntax below:

In the example below, Tricentis Analytics snapshots data from Workspace A and Workspace B. The username in both cases is Admin, and the passwords are Password1 and Password2.

"Workspaces": [


"Path": "c:\\Tosca_Projects\\Tosca_Workspaces\\Workspace1\\Workspace1.tws",

"User": "Admin",

"Password": "Password1"



"Path": "c:\\Tosca_Projects\\Tosca_Workspaces\\Workspace2\\Workspace2.tws",

"User": "Admin",

"Password": "Password2"



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