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The Compare IMG app compares the specified IMG tables on two SAP systems. The optional ‘Columns to Compare’ parameter may be used to include or exclude specific table columns from the comparison. In order to limit the comparison to configuration data only, the app removes cluster tables and tables that specify user and role information from the set of objects being compared.

A user with LiveCompare Editor privileges must prepare this app by downloading the IMG structure for one of the SAP systems to be compared. See the ‘Prerequisites’ section below for details.

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Before running the Compare IMG app for the first time, you will need to download the IMG structure for one of the SAP systems to be compared. Select the RFC Destination in the LiveCompare hierarchy, select the IMG tab, and then click ‘Download IMG’.

When the IMG data for an RFC Destination has been downloaded, it will be available for selection in the app. Note that the DEFAULT IMG structure is always available; it includes the top-level folders from the IMGs for 4.6, 4.7 and 700 SAP kernel releases.

Run the app

To run the Compare IMG app, select the app from the Apps screen and create an app variant. Complete the variant screen as follows:

  • Set the ‘System1’ field to the RFC Destination for the first system to be compared, and the ‘System2’ field to the RFC Destination for the second system to be compared. Although LiveCompare provides a default set of authorizations, the SAP accounts associated with these RFC Destinations may require additional authorizations in order to access the objects that are being compared.
  • Edit the ‘IMG Select List’ parameter, select the IMG structure and tables to compare, and then click ‘Continue’. Note that if an IMG folder is selected for comparison, its child objects are also selected.
  • Optionally, to include or exclude specific table columns from the comparison, edit the ‘Columns to Compare’ parameter, and complete the ‘Columns to Compare’ table as follows. Click ‘Continue’ to return to the variant screen.
Column Description
TABLE The name of a retrieved IMG table. Alternatively, use the wildcard character ‘*’ to create a specification that applies to all the retrieved tables.
FIELD The name of a field from the IMG table.
IE Enter ‘I’ to include the table field in the comparison results, or ‘E’ to exclude it. If there are any ‘I’ entries for a table, all ‘E’ entries for the table are ignored.

Click ‘Run’. When the variant has completed, its results may be accessed from the App Cockpit screen.

App results

The Compare IMG app generates a Dashboard report which provides a summary of the number of objects compared, and shows the number of objects that are the same, different, or in one of the compared systems only. The Comparison Summary column chart shows the number of objects that are different or in one system only.

The Dashboard report also includes links to the following reports:

IMG Hierarchy Report

This report contains detailed IMG comparison results.

Analysis Input Data

This Excel report contains a copy of the input parameters used to produce the app’s Dashboard report. The value of each input parameter is stored in a separate worksheet, which is named after the parameter whose value it contains.

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