Create Workspaces

If you have LiveCompare Editor or Administrator privileges, a workspace can be created by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Select the Workspaces folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy and choose ‘Create Workspace’ from the context menu.
  2. Complete the Workspace Details screen as follows:
Field Description
Workspace name: Enter a unique name that will identify the workspace.
Description: Enter a description for the workspace.
Add to Resource Groups: If LiveCompare is resource group-controlled, select the appropriate check boxes to add the workspace to one or more resource groups. ‘Select All’ to select all resource groups, or ‘Select None’ to select no resource groups. If you have LiveCompare Editor privileges, the workspace is always added to the current resource group, so the current resource group may not be deselected.
  1. Click ‘Create Workspace’ to create the new workspace.

Workspace databases are stored in the following directory:

<LiveCompare user data dir>\private\Workspaces

Each workspace is stored in its own directory, which has the same name as the workspace. A workspace’s directory includes subdirectories for each of its workflows. Each subdirectory contains two SQLite databases; one to store the workflow diagram (and its archives), and one to store the contents of the workflow’s datasets.

When a workspace has been created, it appears in the LiveCompare hierarchy underneath the Workspaces folder.

Select the Workspaces folder to display a list of the registered workspaces on the LiveCompare server.

View workspaces

Edit workspace details

Register workspaces

Delete workspaces