Dashboard reports

Dashboard reports generated by the Create Dashboard Report action have the following structure:

<Report Name>

<Chart Layout>

Additional Resources

<Report Links>

Analysis Input Data

Click a chart’s ‘<Chart Title> Description’ link or a blank area of the chart to display a screen showing the chart’s title and its associated table data. Click the data screen’s breadcrumb link to return to the Dashboard report. In a multi-level Dashboard report, click an area in a chart to display a lower level report for the selected chart area.

The Additional Resources section of a Dashboard report includes links to any additional report URLs set in the Create Dashboard Report action’s Additional Resources parameter or dataset. It also includes a link to an Excel report named Analysis Input Data. This report contains a copy of the input parameters passed to the Create Dashboard Report action. The value of each input parameter is stored in a separate worksheet, which is named after the parameter whose value it contains.

View Dashboard reports on mobile devices

When viewing a Dashboard report on a mobile device, you will need to refresh the report page each time the device is switched between portrait and landscape modes.