Data Cleanser utility

The Data Cleanser utility cleans one or more raw performance history data files downloaded from SAP using the ST03N transaction. It is available from the Consumer interface’s navigation panel. The utility produces a single performance history data file in the format required for both the SAP HANA Migration Assessment app’s data extract program, and Performance History Data External Data Sources.

The performance history data should be downloaded from the ST03N transaction as text files in Unconverted format. The Data Cleanser utility supports input files in any of the following formats:

  • UTF-8
  • UTF-16BE
  • UTF-16LE

The resulting ASCII file is in CSV format (with a .txt extension), and has the following columns:

  • Program or Transaction Name
  • Name of Background Job
  • Description
  • Usage Count

Usage counts for each executable are aggregated so that each executable appears once only in the resulting file. Embedded quotation marks and commas are removed from the first three columns, and values in the Usage Count column are formatted as numbers with no decimal separators.

To start the Data Cleanser utility, select the Data Cleanser tool button. icon in the Consumer interface’s navigation panel.

To cleanse one or more performance history data files, carry out the following steps.

  1. Obtain the performance history data as text files using the SAP ST03N transaction, and save them to a local directory on your machine.
  2. In the Data Cleanser utility, click ‘Add Files’.
  3. In the ‘Choose File to Upload’ dialog select one or more files containing performance history data downloaded from SAP, and then click ‘Open’. Multiple files may be selected using the Ctrl key, and a range of files may be selected using the Shift key. Alternatively, one or more files may be dragged and dropped into the control.

  4. The Data Cleanser screen lists the added files, showing their size and a total in the Size column. Individual files are limited to a size of 100 MB. Click Data Cleanser Remove File icon. if required to remove a file from the list.

  5. Click ‘Start Upload’ to upload and cleanse the files. If any errors are found, an error message is displayed for the associated file.
  6. Click ‘Download clean file’ to display a single file containing the cleansed performance history data. The file is named DataCleanser.txt. If none of the uploaded files contain valid data, the resulting file will be empty. Note that in Chrome, the file is automatically downloaded to your ‘Downloads’ directory. In the control in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, click Chrome Display File icon. to display the file, or select ‘Show in folder’ from the context menu to display the file’s location.
  7. If the file is to be used by the SAP HANA Migration Assessment app, save it to a directory that is accessible to your As-Is SAP system.
  8. If the file is to be used to create a Performance History Data External Data Source, save it to a local directory on your machine.

Step 2 (As-Is) - Download performance history data