Data Grid features

The Guided Configuration, Service Status, Projects, Apps Monitor and Reports screens use a Data Grid to display their data in a table format, as shown below.

RFC Destinations Data Grid.

The Data Grid has several features that allow the data to be sorted, filtered, searched, grouped or exported to Excel.

Navigate the Data Grid

The Count label displays the number of items in the Data Grid. Use the buttons in the bottom right-hand corner to navigate between pages.

Resize columns

To resize columns, drag the dividers in the column headings.

Sort the Data Grid

Click a column in the Data Grid to sort the data by that column in ascending order. The column is marked with Data Grid up arrow icon..

Sorting the Data Grid.

Click the column again to sort in descending order. To clear sorting, right-click the column and select ‘Clear Sorting’.

Filter the Data Grid

Click the Data Grid filter icon. icon a column heading to filter the Data Grid by the data in that column. A dialog displays the column’s distinct values.

Data Grid filter values.

Select one or more values and click ‘OK’ to apply the filter.

Filtering the Data Grid.

To remove the filter, click the Data Grid filter icon. icon again, clear all the selected values and click ‘OK’.

Search the Data Grid

To search the Data Grid, click the Data Grid search icon. icon in the row underneath the column heading. A drop-down menu is displayed.

Data Grid search operators.

Select an operator and enter the search value in the row below the column headings.

Searching the Data Grid.

To remove sorting from a column, select the operator icon in the row below the column headings and choose ‘Reset’ from the drop-down menu. Note that more than one column may be searched. Columns that have a known set of values (for example, the Connection Type column above) may searched by selecting a value from the drop-down list.

Group data

To group the Data Grid data by a column, drag the column header into the ‘Drag a column here to group by that column’ section. Groups may be expanded in the Data Grid to display their row values.

Grouping Data.

Sorting and filtering options are available for the grouped column. The Data Grid may be grouped by additional columns by dragging them into the grouping area. To remove a group, drag it back into the Data Grid from the grouping area.

Export the Data Grid data to Excel

Click Data Grid export icon. and select ‘Export all data to Excel’ to export the Data Grid data to an Excel spreadsheet.