Data privacy policy consent

The Data Privacy Policy Consent screen allows users to review and agree to the terms of the Tricentis Privacy Policy. The screen is displayed:

  • When a new user logs in to LiveCompare.
  • If the Tricentis Privacy Policy has changed (users are required to accept the latest version).
  • If an Administrator has reset the Data Privacy Consent settings for all users.

Click the ‘here’ link to review the Tricentis Privacy Policy in a separate browser tab. If you agree to its terms, select the ‘I have read the Data Privacy and consent to its terms’ check box. LiveCompare will continue with the login process.

Reset data privacy policy consent settings

Each LiveCompare user record stores the date and time when the user agreed to the Tricentis Privacy Policy. If you have Administrator privileges, each user’s acceptance of the policy may be reset by selecting the Administration/Users folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy and choosing ‘Reset Data Privacy Consent…’ from the context menu. A confirmation dialog is displayed.

This action will require each user to agree to the terms of the Tricentis Privacy Policy when they next log in to LiveCompare.

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