Edit External Data Sources

If you have LiveCompare Editor or Administrator privileges, you can edit the details for an External Data Source by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Select an External Data Source from the Data/External Data Sources folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy, and click ‘Edit Details’ in the Details pane. The Edit External Data Source screen is displayed for the selected External Data Source.
  2. Make the appropriate changes. The following details may be modified for each type of External Data Source. Optionally, click the ‘Advanced’ button (if available) to specify your own Connection String or Table Name.
External Data Source Modifiable Details
Access Name, Description, REST API, MDB file, Table name, Standard security info (optional).
CSV Name, Description, REST API, CSV file.
Custom Name, Description, REST API, Connection String, Authentication (if needed), Table Name.
DB2 Name, Description, REST API, Server name, Port, Database name, Table name, Username, Password.
Excel Name, Description, REST API, Excel file, Worksheet.
HANA Database Name, Description, REST API, Server, Port, Encrypt, Validate SSL Certificate, Username, Password.
SQLite Name, Description, REST API or private, DB file, Table name.
SQL Server Name, Description, REST API or private, Server name, Port, Database name, Table name, authentication details.
Performance History Data Name, Description.
XML Name, Description.
  1. For SQL Server, DB2 and Access External Data Sources, enter any authentication details required to access the database.
  2. Click ‘Save’ to save your changes.

Edit Authentication Details

The authentication details for connections to External Data Sources are stored by LiveCompare in an encrypted format. To edit the authentication details for Access, CSV, Custom or Excel External Data Sources, carry out the following steps:

  1. Click ‘Advanced’ in the Edit External Data Source screen.
  2. In the ‘Authentication (if needed)’ section select the username and password fields that are appropriate for the External Data Source.
  3. Enter the username and password required for the connection.
  4. Click ‘Save’ to save your changes.

If the Connection Strings for Access, CSV, Excel or Custom External Data Sources are edited directly to include authentication details, these details will be stored as plain text on the LiveCompare server.

An External Data Source may be renamed by selecting it in the Data/External Data Sources folder and choosing ‘Rename’ from the context menu. Alternatively, select an External Data Source in the hierarchy and press F2 to perform in-line editing.

If an External Data Source is renamed, any External Data Source parameters that refer to the old name will need to be updated to refer to the new External Data Source name.