Find Similar Roles app (preview)

The Find Similar Roles app is provided with a set of role criteria and finds roles that are similar on the specified SAP system. A role is identified as similar if its authorization objects match at least the specified percentage of role criteria. The results are stored in an Excel report.

DevOps categories

InfoSec, Operations.



Run the app

To run the Find Similar Roles app, select the app from the Apps screen and create an app variant. Complete the variant screen as follows:

  • Edit the ‘Role Criteria’ table to provide a set of authorization objects to be matched against the roles in the specified SAP system.
  • Set the ‘RFC Destination’ field to the RFC Destination for the system to analyze.
  • Set the ‘Similarity (%)’ field to the minimum percentage of matching authorization objects that identifies a role as similar.

Click ‘Run’. When the variant has completed, its results may be accessed from the App Cockpit screen.

App Results

The Find Similar Roles app generates an Excel report, which includes the following spreadsheets.

Similar Roles

This spreadsheet lists the names, percentage similarity, number of matching authorizations and number of role items for each similar role. Click a link in the AGR_NAME column to display the selected role in the Role Details spreadsheet.

Role Details

This spreadsheet displays the OBJECT, FIELD, LOW and HIGH values for each matching role.

Role Criteria

This spreadsheet displays the entries in the variant’s Role Criteria table.

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