IMG Select List parameters

IMG Select List parameters are used by the Get SAP Objects action to specify which IMG components to retrieve. IMG components are selected from an IMG structure downloaded from an RFC Destination, or from the default IMG structure provided with LiveCompare. This structure includes the top-level folders from the IMGs for 4.6, 4.7 and 700 SAP kernel releases.

To set the value of an IMG Select List parameter, open the Property Editor and click the field to the right of the parameter’s ‘IMG Select List’ action property. The IMG Select List dialog is displayed in the lower portion of the Workflow Editor, showing the name of the parameter being edited. Note that the workflow diagram may not be edited while this dialog is displayed.

IMG SelectList dialog.

To set the value of an IMG Select List parameter, carry out the following steps:

  1. Select an IMG structure from the ‘IMG:’ drop-down list. Each downloaded IMG structure is named after its associated RFC Destination. The default structure provided with LiveCompare is named [DEFAULT]. The default IMG structure provided with LiveCompare is named default. This structure was obtained from an ECC 6.0 system.
  2. The selected IMG structure is displayed in the main part of the dialog. Expand or collapse the hierarchy by clicking a folder's Expand hierarchy icon. or Collapse hierarchy icon. icon.
  3. Specify the components to retrieve by selecting the appropriate check boxes. If a folder is selected, all its objects will also be selected, including the folder’s subfolders and all their descendent objects.

Click ‘Save’ to confirm your selections and close the IMG Select List dialog. The number of selected folders is displayed above the parameter node. To examine the details for an IMG Select List parameter after a workflow has been saved, double-click the node or select ‘View Details’ from the node’s context menu.