Introduction to tables to ignore

Some SAP tables may contain sensitive information that you may not wish to display. LiveCompare allows these table to be excluded from workflow results and the Quick Compare Wizard through the use of tables to ignore associated with each RFC Destination. If an SAP table is included in an RFC Destination’s tables to ignore list, the table’s contents may not be retrieved from the RFC Destination, for example:

  • The Quick Compare Wizard returns 0 rows for a Table Contents comparison if the table is to be ignored in each of the specified RFC Destinations, or a comparison status of ‘In1’ or ‘In2’ if the table is to be ignored in only one of the RFC Destinations.
  • The Read SAP Table and Read SAP Table and Join actions report that a table is not found if it is in the tables to ignore list for the specified RFC Destination.
  • The Retrieve Table Set action retrieves 0 rows for tables to ignore specified in its Table List property.
  • The Compare Objects action reports a comparison status of Same, In or In2 for Table Contents (TABC) objects if the table is to be ignored in either of the specified RFC Destinations, however no table contents are actually compared

Tables to ignore are defined in Excel spreadsheets, and maintained in an RFC Destination’s General tab. A Yes/No indicator tells you whether any tables to ignore have been specified for the RFC Destination.

  • Click Upload to upload a list of tables to ignore to the RFC Destination.

  • Click Download to download the RFC Destination’s tables to ignore list to an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Click ‘Delete’ to remove an RFC Destination’s tables to ignore list.

The Get Administration Objects action may be used to report on the tables to ignore for each of the defined RFC Destinations (independently of which resource groups they are in). This is done by setting the action’s Object Type property to ‘TablesToIgnore’.

Note that the HR Get Payroll Data action does not process tables to ignore.

Upload tables to ignore

Download tables to ignore

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