LiveCompare templates

LiveCompare includes a set of template workflows, which are designed to perform SAP comparison and analysis tasks in a number of application areas. The template workflows are provided as packages that are set up as part of the LiveCompare installation. Each template package includes a set of workflows and the resources they require, for example Excel report templates or External Data Sources.

To check which templates are available in your installation, log in as a user with LiveCompare Editor or Administrator privileges and select the Data/Templates folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy. The Installed Workflow Packages screen displays the packages that have been installed, and the templates available in each package.

Templates folder.

If you have Administrator privileges, click ‘Remove’ to remove a workflow package.

Click a blue link in the Workflow column to display the online help available for the selected workflow. Alternatively, select a ‘Data/Templates’ subfolder and click the ‘Help’ button next to one of the workflows.

Impact Analysis templates.

To run a template workflow against your own SAP systems, carry out the following steps:

  1. Log in as a user with LiveCompare Editor privileges.
  2. Create a workspace in which to run the workflow.
  3. Import the workflow template into the workspace.
  4. Configure and run the workflow by following the instructions in its online help topic.