LUX utility

The LUX utility is available by clicking LUX tool button. in the Consumer interface’s navigation panel. It displays the LUXes that have been submitted for upload to the LiveCompare server, showing the name, company name, email address and status associated with each LUX. Click a link in the name column to display the details for the selected LUX.

  • If warnings were found when uploading the LUX, click a ‘Warnings Found’ link in the Status to display the details for the selected LUX.
  • If a LUX is in the process of being uploaded, refresh the browser screen periodically to update the display.

The LUX utility’s heading section displays your LiveCompare username and a series of links. The lower part of the screen includes the following links.

Create LUX

Click this link to display the Create LUX screen, which outlines the steps required to create and upload LUXes for your As-Is and To-Be SAP systems. Each step has an associated help topic.

Upload LUX

Click this link to display the Upload LUX screen, which allows ZIP archives created by the data extract program to be uploaded to the LiveCompare server, to create LUXes. Each SAP HANA migration assessment requires a LUX from an As-Is system, and a LUX from a To-Be system. SAP kernel releases 700 to 75x are supported.

To upload a ZIP file created by the data extract program, carry out the following steps:

  1. Complete the fields in the first section of the Upload LUX screen as follows:
Field Description
Name Enter a descriptive name that will identify the LUX.
Organization Enter your organization or company name.
Contact Email Enter your email address.
To-be Kernel Select the SAP kernel release of your To-Be system. If it is not listed, select ‘Other’ and enter your SAP kernel release in the edit field.
Description Enter a description for the LUX.
  1. Click ‘Choose File’ to add a ZIP archive from either your As-Is or To-Be system to the LUX definition.
  2. Click ‘Submit’ to upload the ZIP archive and process the LUX. A percentage indicator is displayed while the ZIP file is being uploaded.
  3. When the ZIP file has been uploaded, an entry for the LUX is added to the LUX screen. The LUX’s status is set to ‘In Process’.
  4. Refresh your browser periodically to update the display. When the LUX has been processed, its status is set to ‘Done’.

Email notifications

When a LUX has uploaded successfully, an email in the following format is sent to the user who uploaded the LUX

Subject: Processing of LUX <LUX name> completed successfully.

Processing of LUX <LUX> completed successfully.

If LiveCompare is resource group-controlled, the email is also sent to everyone who is in the user’s current resource group. If any errors are encountered when processing the LUX, these will be reported to users in a similar email.