Object types

LiveCompare supports the following object types:

Object name TYPE
ABAP Input Module MODI
ABAP Output Module MODO
ABAP Query: Functional area AQSG
ABAP Query: Query AQQU
ABAP Query: User Group AQBG
BSP Application WAPA
BSP Extension WTAG
Business Add-In - Definition SXSD
Business Add-In - Implementation SXCI
Class CLAS
Class Interface INTF
Class Method METH
CRM UIF, Dynamic Layout Configuration / Customer Layer DLCC
CRM UIF, Dynamic Layout Configuration / SAP Layer DLCS
Data Element DTEL
Development Class DEVC
Domain DOMA
Enhancement Implementation ENHO
Enhancement Spot ENHS
Form Object Form SFPF
Form Object Interface SFPI
Function Group FUGR
Function Module FUNC
Gateway Service IWSV
HR Schema HRSC
Include INCL
Index INDX
Payroll Function HRFU
Payroll Operation HROP
Program PROG
Report Variant VARX
SAPScript Text TEXT
Screen DYNP
Script FORM
Search Help Object SHLP
Smart Form SSFO
Standard Rule PDAC
Structure STRC
Table TABL
Table Contents TABC
Table Key TABK
Table Key Table Contents TABB
Table Type TTYP
Time Management Function TMFU
Time Management Operation TMOP
Transaction TCOD
Transformation XSLT
Transport TPRT
Transport Table Key TPRD

BW object types

Object name TYPE
Application Component APCO
BW Transformation TRFN
Calculation View CALV
Communication Structure ISCS
Communication Structure for Transformation TRCS
Composite Provider HCPR
DataSource 7.0 RSDS
Data Source/File Source 3.5 ISFS
Data Store (advanced) ADSO
Data Transfer Process Active Version DTPA
HANA Analysis Process HAAP
Hybrid Provider HYBR
InfoArea AREA
InfoCatalog IOBC
InfoCube CUBE
InfoObject IOBJ
InfoPackage ISIP
InfoSource 3.5 ISTD
InfoSpoke SPOK
MultiProvider MPRO
Open Hub Destination (BW 7.0 only) DEST
Open ODS View FBPA
Process Chain RSPC
Query ELEM
Routine ROUT
Transfer Rule ISMP
Transfer Structure ISTS
Update Rule UPDR

Values from the TYPE column may be used in the following places. Note that object types should always be specified using UPPER CASE.

Item Property
Select List parameters ‘Field’ selection criteria
Analyze Object Links actions Objects to Ignore, Source, Types to Find
Create Hierarchy Report actions Source, Types for Details
Create Object Details Report actions Source
Create Object Differences Report actions Objects
Compare Objects actions Source
Find Object Links actions Objects to Find, Patterns, Source, Types to Report
Find Objects in SAP actions Patterns, Types
Get SAP Objects actions Derivative Object Map, Object Header Filter, Objects, Selects
Make Hierarchy actions Source
Uses What actions Patterns, Source, Types to Report
Where Used actions Source, Types to Report


Several object names retrieved by LiveCompare consist of two component parts:

  • Class Methods (METH) consist of a Class name and a Method name.
  • DataSources 7.0 (RSDS) consist of a data source and a source system.
  • DataSources/FileSources 3.5 (ISFS) consist of a data source and a source system.
  • GUI Statuses (GUIS) consist of a program name and a GUI status.
  • Indexes (INDX) consist of a table and an index name.
  • Report Variants (VARX) consist of a program name and a variant.
  • SAPScript Texts (TEXT) consist of a text object, a text name, a text ID and a language identifier.
  • Screens (DYNP) consist of a program name and a screen number.
  • Transfer Rules (ISMP) consist of a data source and a source system.

When specifying literal values for these components, the object name and component object should be separated by a single space.

When specifying literal values for SAPScript Texts, the four components of each text object should be stored in a comma-separated list.

LiveCompare retrieves global ABAP Query: Functional areas (AQSG) if any exist, otherwise local ABAP Query: Functional areas are retrieved.

Calculation Views (CALV) are retrieved from an RFC Destination’s associated HANA database. Before running the Create Object Links Cache or Where Used actions to retrieve Calculation Views, the following fields should be set by an Administrator in the Configuration - Impact Analysis screen.

Field Description
BWHANABaseSchemaNames Used by LiveCompare to identify the BW HANA database 'BaseSchema' that contain calculation views. Enter values separated by ‘;’, for example, _SYS_BIC;DUMMY_NAME.
BWHANABaseObjectNameNamespaces Used by LiveCompare to identify the prefixes used in the names of calculation views. Enter values separated by ‘;’, for example, MELPE;DUMMY_VALUE.

CDS Views (DDLS) are supported for SAP kernel releases 750 and above.

Smart Forms (SSFO) are supported for SAP kernel releases 700 and above.

For Transport Table Keys (TPRD), the Compare Objects action compares the table contents associated with the table keys in the specified transport. Table keys found on the specified systems will be compared, regardless of which transports they are associated with.

The following components of BW Queries (ELEM) are not currently supported:

  • Conditions
  • Exceptions
  • Default Values
  • Variable Sequence and Properties

The ‘Number of Decimal Places’ and ‘Scaling factor’ fields (and their ‘Use Default Settings’ values) in the Display Attributes for selection items are also not supported.

The METH object type is only valid for classes in transports.

Object type matrix