Package Disassembler app

The Package Disassembler app disassembles the one or more transports or support packs on the specified RFC Destination so that they may be analyzed using the workflows in the Impact Analysis, Human Resources or Rev-Trac Integration templates packages. The transports or support packs are disassembled using the /ICORP/RFC_PATCH_DISASSEMBLER RFC.

The following templates require transports or support packs to be disassembled:

Human Resources

Impact Analysis

DevOps categories



The following tasks should be performed before running the Package Disassembler app:

  • The Maintenance Planner in the Solution Manager selects and initiates the download of the applicable support packs required to complete an upgrade.
  • The customer specifies the directory on the SAP system to download the .SAR (packed) files.
  • They need to be in the /usr/sap/trans directory of the SAP system to be upgraded.
  • The customer unpacks them from that directory using the SAPCAR utility, which will automatically put the unpacked support packs into the /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in directory (as .PAT files).
  • To upload the .PAT files into SAP, run transaction SPAM or SAINT.
  • From the top menu, select Installation Package > Load Packages > From Application Server.

After running the package disassembler, the results of the disassembly are stored in the data and cofiles directories accessible to LiveCompare.

Run the app

To run the Package Disassembler app, select the app from the Apps screen and create an app variant. Select the RFC Destination containing the transports or support packs to be disassembled, and edit the ‘Packages’ table to provide a list of transports or support packs to be disassembled.

Click ‘Run’. When the variant has completed, its results may be accessed from the App Cockpit screen.

App results

The Package Disassembler app generates a Dashboard report which includes a pie chart named ‘Package Status Summary’. The chart provides a summary of the results of disassembling each of the found transports or support packs. It also includes links to the following reports:

Package Disassembler Details

This Excel report lists the name of each found transport or support pack, the return code obtained from the disassembly operation, and a textual description of the result.

Analysis Input Data

This Excel report contains a copy of the input parameters used to produce the app’s Dashboard report. The value of each input parameter is stored in a separate worksheet, which is named after the parameter whose value it contains.

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