Purge reports and app results

LiveCompare may be configured to delete reports and app results automatically if they are older than the specified number of days. This may help to preserve disk space on the drive used to store the LiveCompare user data directory. To configure LiveCompare to delete old reports and app results automatically, carry out the following steps:

  1. Log in to LiveCompare as a user with Administrator privileges and click Studio tool button. to go to the LiveCompare studio.
  2. Select the Administration/Configuration/Reports folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy.
  3. In the Configuration - Reports screen, enter a numeric value in the ‘Report Expiration Days’ field. Reports that are older than the specified number of days will be deleted automatically.

LiveCompare checks the age of the reports and app results daily using a scheduled task named ‘Tricentis LiveCompare Purge Reports’ that runs each night on the LiveCompare server. This task also purges any reports, app results and API tokens that have expired. Note that when a report or an app result that references a report has been purged, its files are deleted from disk and may not be recovered from within LiveCompare. Details of the reports and app results that have been purged are written to the ‘autopurge.log’ file in the <LiveCompare user data dir>\public directory.

The ‘Tricentis LiveCompare Purge Reports’ task may be viewed using the LiveCompare server’s Task Scheduler applet.