Read SAP Table Filter and Key Map example

The following example shows how the Filter and Key Map action properties can be used to filter the rows retrieved from the T003 table by the Read SAP Table action. Here are the table contents retrieved for the first four columns without any filters applied:

Filter and Key Map Example: Initial table.

The Filter action property for the Read SAP Table action may be set to a Table parameter that defines filters for the NUMKR (number range) and KOARS (account types allowed) columns:

Filter and Key Map Example: Filter table.

The Key Map action property uses a Pair List parameter to map columns from the T002 table to columns in the filter table:



When the filter is applied, the only rows retrieved are those where:

  • NUMKR has the value 01 and KOARS has the value ADKMS or

  • NUMKR has the value 48 and KOARS has the value ASM.

Filter and Key Map Example: Filtered table.