Retrieve Table Set actions

Retrieve Table Set actions retrieve the contents of a list of tables from a specified RFC Destination. The retrieval results are stored in a Table Set dataset.

Action property Description
Result A Table Set dataset in which to store the retrieved tables.
RFC Destination An RFC Destination parameter or dataset referring to the SAP system from which to retrieve table data.
Rows to Read A Select List parameter specifying which table rows to read. The parameter is applied to each of the retrieved tables. If this action property is not set, all rows will be read from each of the tables in the Table List parameter or dataset.
Table List A Table parameter or dataset containing the names of the SAP tables to retrieve. The Table parameter or dataset should have a single NAME column in which the table names are listed.


Retrieve Table Set action example.

To examine the details for a Retrieve Table Set action, double-click the action node, or select ‘View Details’ from the node’s context menu. The Details screen displays the number of rows retrieved for each table.

Data masking

Tables to ignore