Connection tab

The Connection tab displays the RFC parameters for the selected RFC Destination. If RFC parameters have been provided, they are shown in a table which has the following columns:

Field Description
RFC Log Version: The RFC log version for the system.
Character Set: The SAP name or number for the system’s character set.
Integer Type (Endian Format): The Endian format used for integer types. BIG refers to Big Endian, LIT refers to Little Endian.
Floating Point Type: The floating point type used. IE3 refers to IEEE or IBM/370.
Logical Destination: A concatenation of the system’s hostname, system ID and system number.
Hostname: The SAP hostname.
SAP System ID: The SAP system ID.
Database System ID: The database system ID.
Database Hostname: The database hostname.
Database System: The SAP database system, for example, Oracle, MSSQL.
SAP Release: The SAP release number.
SAP Machine ID: The SAP machine ID.
Operating System: The SAP operating system, for example, Windows NT, SunOS.
Timezone (UTC +- Seconds): The difference from Universal Coordinated Time in seconds.
Daylight Saving Time: X indicates that Daylight Saving Time is active.
IP Address: The system’s IP address.
Kernel Release: The system’s SAP kernel release.

Refresh the Connection tab to display the parameters for a new RFC Destination. Click ‘Test’ to test the connection to the selected RFC Destination.

RFC Destination details