Rise with SAP

The Rise with SAP project type includes the following steps, panels, advertisements and help topics.

Step Panel name Type Link DevOps categories
Discover Discover Reusable Tests App Discover Reusable Tests Testing
qTest Advertisement qTest -
Prepare Tosca Advertisement Tosca -
NeoLoad Advertisement NeoLoad -
Explore - - - -
Realize End-of-sprint Test Selection App Smart Impact Testing
Ready to Test App Release Assurance Development, Testing, Operations
Verify Testing App Test Audit Testing
Retrofit by Date App Retrofit Date Analysis Development
Retrofit by Transports App Retrofit Transports Analysis Operations
Data Integrity Advertisement Data integrity testing -
Deploy Release Integrity App Release Assurance Development, Testing, Operations
Run Production Watch App Short Dump Watch Operations
Next Custom Release Help topic Custom Release -
Production Support Help topic Production Support -
Support Pack Help topic Support Pack Upgrade -
S/4 HANA Upgrade Help topic S/4HANA Upgrade -

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