Run a workflow using the Run Web Service action

If you have LiveCompare Editor privileges, workflows may be registered as Web Services and then called from a workflow using the Run Web Service action. To run a workflow using the Run Web Service action, carry out the following steps:

  1. Register the workflow as a Web Service.
  2. Select the Web Services folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy.
  3. Identify the workflow to be run and select ‘Copy Shortcut’ from its WSDL link’s context menu.
  4. Create a new workflow and add a Run Web Service action to it. Save the workflow.
  5. Select ‘Configure Web Service’ from the action’s context menu.
  6. Complete the fields in the Configure Web Service Wizard as follows:
Field What to do
Enter the URL of the WSDL for the service: Paste in the URL for the Web Service’s WSDL file.
Select a Service Port: Choose ‘<Workflow Name>Soap12’.
Select an Operation: Choose ‘StartWorkflow’.
Edit output types if necessary: Click ‘Next >’.
Select output types if necessary: Select the appropriate output types if required. Click ‘Next >’ then ‘Finish’.
  1. Complete the Run Web Service action by creating parameters and datasets for the additional action properties.
  2. Run the workflow and examine the contents of its output datasets.

When a workflow is executed as a Web Service, it is run in a workspace that is automatically created by LiveCompare. If the workflow runs without error, the Web Service workspace is deleted when the workflow finishes. If an error occurs in the Web Service workflow, its workspace will not be deleted. If LiveCompare is resource group-controlled, Web Service workspaces will not be shown in the LiveCompare hierarchy until they are added to one or more resource groups.

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