Run variants

A variant is an instance of an app that stores a particular set of parameter values. If you have LiveCompare Consumer privileges, a variant may be run from the App Cockpit screen by clicking the Variant’s Run Variant button. button, or from the Variant screen by clicking ‘Run’.

When a variant is run, an app workspace is created for it automatically. App workspaces are named as follows:

__APP_<App Name><App ID>

The workflow associated with the app is copied to the app workspace and then executed using the parameter values set in the variant. If the workflow completes successfully, the value of its result dataset is returned to the variant, and the app workspace is unregistered.

If the workflow terminates with an error, the tool tip for the ‘Failed’ status on the App Cockpit screen displays details of the error that occurred. If the workflow is aborted, the tool tip for the ‘Failed’ status displays the start and end time for the workflow's execution. In each case, the app workspace remains registered and may be viewed in the LiveCompare hierarchy.

If LiveCompare’s email settings have been specified in the Configuration - Email screen, an email will be sent to the user who executed the variant when the variant completes successfully, terminates with an error, or is aborted. This behavior may be disabled for all users by means of a registry setting on the LiveCompare server.

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