If you have LiveCompare Editor privileges, the Search screen allows you to search workflow names, workflow components and property values for a specified text string. To perform a search, click the Search tool button. toolbar button and complete the fields in the Search screen as follows:

Field Description
Search workflow for: Enter a text string for which to search. The search is case-insensitive.
in: Select the hierarchy folder to be searched for the text string. If Workspaces is selected and LiveCompare is resource group-controlled, only the workspaces in the currently selected resource group will be searched.
limit results to: Enter the maximum number of search results to be displayed.

Click ‘Search’ to perform the search. The results are displayed in a table which has the following columns:

Column Description
Workflow The name of the workflow or template in which the text string was found, including its path in the LiveCompare hierarchy. Click a link in this column to open the workflow or template in the LiveCompare Studio with the appropriate component selected.
Component The name of the workflow component in which the text string was found. This column is blank if a match was found in the workflow name.
Match The matching portion of XML code from the workflow or template.

Click a link in the Workflow column to open the selected workflow. The workflow is scrolled to display the matched component (if applicable).

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