Start Loop Collect actions

Start Loop Collect actions begin a loop sequence of actions. The actions within the loop are performed once for each row in a Table parameter or dataset. The loop is terminated by an End Loop Collect action.

Action property Description
Result Table Row A Table dataset within the loop sequence of actions that stores a row from the Source table. When the Start Loop Collect action is first run, the Result Table Row dataset stores the first row from the Source table. This is replaced with the next row from the Source table for each iteration of the loop.
Source A Table parameter or dataset that provides the Source table for the loop. The loop actions are performed once for each row in the Source table.


Start Loop Collect action example.

To examine the details for a Start Loop Collect action, double-click the action node, or select ‘View Details’ from the node’s context menu. The Details screen displays the number of rows in the Source table, the number of rows that have been iterated over, the number of rows remaining and the time taken for the action to complete.

The progress of a Start Loop Collect action may be monitored by viewing the Details screen while the action is running. The following details are shown:

Item Description
Records to Start The number of rows in the Source table.
Records Done The number of rows processed so far.
Records Remaining The number of rows yet to be processed.
Total elapsed time hh:mm:ss The time for which the Start Loop Collect action has been running in hours, minutes and seconds.

Press the F5 key periodically to update the display.