Create Object Links Cache

This workflow uses the Create Object Links Cache action to create a tree of object dependency links for the specified Analysis System, using performance history data retrieved from the specified Usage System. The tree of object links is stored in an object links cache database on the drive where the LiveCompare user data directory is stored. Additionally, for any objects with code that need to be refreshed, SAP’s cross reference tables are rebuilt using a custom function.

Run the workflow

This workflow should not be run directly. Instead, it is copied to each Create Object Links Cache workspace during the Commit Configuration process, and scheduled to run weekly, each Saturday at 01:11.

Workflow results

When the workflow has completed, the COLC Result dataset is populated with the results of the Create Object Links Cache action, indicating whether Full Cache Update or Incremental Cache Update has been performed. The Used Objects dataset is populated with the used objects returned by the Get Object Links Cache Used Objects workflow.