Used, impacted and most-at-risk

LiveCompare’s impact analysis reports identify used, impacted and most-at-risk objects.


Used objects are executables recorded by SAP as having been used in the time period for which performance history data is available.


Impacted objects are used executables that are impacted by at least one changed object.


A most-at-risk object is an impacted object selected by LiveCompare’s expert system based upon the following (from most important to least important):

  • Whether it is a new or changed executable.

  • Whether it is a business-critical object (specified by the user). Objects in the Business Critical Objects External Data Source are considered most-at-risk of LiveCompare determines that they are impacted.

  • The search depth at which the executable were found.

  • The executable’s usage count.

Each most-at-risk executable is given a rank, one of:

  • H (high)

  • M (medium)

  • L (low)

The rankings are based on a combination of search depth and usage.