User preferences

Select the Administration/User Preferences folder to set the current user’s display preferences. The following options may be set. Each user’s settings are maintained across different LiveCompare sessions.

Start Page

This section determines which start page is displayed when the user logs in to LiveCompare with Editor privileges. Select ‘Studio’ to display the Studio interface, or ‘Apps’ to display the LiveCompare Dashboard.

Grid Display

Maximum number of rows/objects to display:

Enter a maximum number of table rows or objects to show in LiveCompare’s table displays. If this preference is not set, a maximum of 1000 table rows is displayed by default. This setting also limits the number of rows that may be exported to Microsoft Excel for a single table.

Comparison Status in Hierarchy Datasets

Show objects that are:

Select these check boxes to specify the comparison statuses of objects that are displayed in LiveCompare’s Hierarchy datasets.

Comparison Status in Table Contents

Show rows that are:

Select the check boxes next to each of the row comparison results you wish to display for table contents comparisons.

Attribute Filtering

Select ‘Compare using workflow Object Attribute Filters’ to compare the attributes set in each workflow’s Object Attribute Filter parameter. If no Object Attribute filter is set for an object type a default set of attributes for the object type will be compared.

Select ‘Compare all attributes’ to compare all of an object’s attributes, overriding any Object Attribute Filter parameters set in workflows. For objects that have source code, this option allows source code comments to be compared.

  • Setting ‘Compare using workflow Object Attribute Filters’ selects the Quick Compare Wizard’s ‘Compare using default system Object Attribute Filters’ setting.
  • Setting ‘Compare all attributes’ selects the Quick Compare Wizard’s ‘Compare all attributes’ setting.

If the Attribute Filtering user preference is changed, workflows that perform a Tier 2 comparison will need to be rerun in order to obtain the correct results.

Transport History Filtering

Filter out transports earlier than this date (YYYY-MM-DD):

This setting filters the transports listed in the Transports tab to exclude those that were last modified earlier than the specified date. If this setting is left blank, the Transports display lists all the transports that include the selected object. If a transport exists on two compared systems, it will be shown in the Transports Display tab if either transport has a modification date that is later than the filter date.

Include Enhancements

Select ‘Include enhancements code’ to include enhancement code in retrieval and comparison results.