View workflow results

When a workflow or workflow action is run, the following types of result may be available:

  • One or more datasets in the workflow diagram may be populated with SAP data.
  • One or more reports may be generated.
  • Data may be written to a Data Store or External Data Source.
  • An email notification may be sent.


When a dataset is populated with SAP data, the dataset node in the workflow diagram is labeled to indicate the number of result sets or table rows it contains. To examine the contents of a dataset, double-click the dataset node in a workflow diagram, or choose ‘View Details’ from the node’s context menu. The following datasets store retrieved or compared SAP data:

Hierarchy datasets

Table datasets

Table Set datasets

Vault datasets

View datasets


If a workflow action generates a report, a report object is added to the workspace’s Reports folder. LiveCompare reports are stored as files on the LiveCompare server.

External Data Sources

If a workflow action writes data to an External Data Source (for example, a Microsoft Access database), examine the External Data Source to view the data that was written.

Email notifications

If a workflow action sends an email notification, the email may contain a link to a generated report.