Web Services

The Web Services screen lists the workflows that have been registered as Web Services using the Register Workflow as Web Service Wizard. To access the screen, select the Data/Web Services folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy.

The workflows are displayed in a table which has the following columns:


The name of the workspace in which the workflow is stored.


The name of the workflow registered as a Web Service.


This column contains a link to the Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) file for the workflow’s Web Service.

  • Click the link to display the WSDL file in a new browser tab.
  • Select ‘Copy Shortcut’ from the link’s context menu to copy the URL for the Web Service to the Windows Clipboard. The URL may be used in an external program, or to configure a Run Web Service action using the Configure Web Service Wizard.

Click the Workspace or Workflow column headings to sort the table by the selected column.

Make API Token

API tokens provide a level of authentication for Web Services, and are valid for either 30, 60 or 90 days. If you have Administrator privileges, click ‘Make API Token’ in the last column to create an API token for the corresponding Web Service.

Delete Web Services

To delete one or more Web Services, select the check box next to each table entry and click ‘Delete’. To mark all the Web Services for deletion, select the check box in the column heading. Deleting Web Services requires LiveCompare Editor privileges. If a Web Service is deleted, any API tokens associated with it are also deleted.

Run a workflow using the Run Web Service action

Run a workflow from an external program