Write Test Repository Cache actions

Write Test Repository Cache actions store table data in a test repository cache stored on the Live Compare server. The cache data is associated with the specified Pipeline’s Most-at-risk Search Test Repositories, or with the specified Test Repository. The table data is normally obtained from the Search Test Repository action’s Result dataset, which stores the test assets that match a supplied set of tokens. Test Repository caches provide a performance improvement for the Search Test Repository action if its Use Cache property is set to true.

Action property Description
Pipeline A Pipeline parameter or dataset whose Most-at-risk Search Test Repositories provide the Test Repositories whose caches are to be updated.
Result This Table dataset is not used.
Source A Table dataset that stores the data to be written to the Test Repository cache. This is normally the Result dataset returned by the Search Test Repository action. When the action is run, any existing data stored in the cache will be overwritten.
Test Repository A Test Repository parameter or dataset referring to the Test Repository whose cache is to be updated. If both a Test Repository and Pipeline are specified, the action uses the specified Test Repository only.

Example (Pipeline)

Write Test Repository Cache actions example (Pipeline).

Example (Test Repository)

Write Test Repository Cache actions action (Test Repository).

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