XML parameters

XML parameters define the XML code that is used as inputs for some LiveCompare actions. For example, the Create Dashboard Report action uses an XML parameter to define the chart types and layout in a Dashboard report.

To set the value of an XML parameter, open the Property Editor and click the field to the right of the parameter’s ‘XML’ action property. The Generic XML Editor dialog is displayed in the lower portion of the Workflow Editor, showing the name of the parameter node being edited. Note that the workflow diagram may not be edited while this dialog is displayed.

Generic XML Editor dialog.

Enter the XML code and format it as required using the Tab and Enter keys. Alternatively, if the ‘Format XML’ check box is selected, the XML code will be formatted automatically. The XML code is syntax-checked as it is entered, and appropriate messages are displayed underneath the dialog’s title.

The XML should contain a single top-level node. If a processing instruction is included in the first line, (for example <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>), this will be removed when the editor is closed.

To examine the details for an XML parameter after a workflow has been saved, double-click the node or select ‘View Details’ from the node’s context menu.