Introduction to Data Stores

Data Stores are repositories that may be used to store the contents of a workspace’s Table datasets. Each workspace has its own set of Data Stores, which may be managed from the Data Stores folder in the workspace hierarchy. In contrast to datasets, the contents of Data Stores are preserved when a workflow is reset. This allows them to store a permanent set of data which may be accessed by other workflows in the same workspace.

Each Data Store may be used to store the contents of one or more Table datasets, which are written to the Data Store using the Write Data Store action. Each table in a Data Store is identified by a unique name; for tables that have been read from SAP, this would normally be set to the SAP table name. The Read Data Store action may be used to read a table from a Data Store and store the results in a Table dataset.

Data Stores are not recommended for use with workflows registered as Apps or Web Services.

Creating Data Stores

Viewing Data Stores

Editing Data Stores

Reading from Data Stores

Writing to Data Stores

Deleting Data Stores