View Users

This screen displays a list of LiveCompare user accounts if you are logged in as an Administrator, or the details for your own user account if you are logged in as a LiveCompare Editor.


If you have LiveCompare Administrator privileges, select the Administration/Users folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy to display a list of registered users. The following details are shown for each user:

Column Description
Not in any Project If LiveCompare is project-controlled, this column displays a red ‘X’ for users that are not assigned to any projects. These users will not be able to log in to LiveCompare until an Administrator adds them to at least one project.
Username The username for the user account. Click a link in the Username column to edit a user’s details.
Role The role assigned to the user account.
Description The description for the user account.
Consent to DPP The date and time when the user agreed to the terms of the Tricentis Privacy Policy.
Must Change Password This column is set to ‘X’ if the user will be required to change their password when they next log in to LiveCompare.
LDAP Specs If a user account has been imported from an LDAP server, this column displays the Import Specifications that were used to import the account.
Login The date and time that the user logged in.
Last Action The date and time of the user’s last interaction with the LiveCompare server.
Logoff Click this button to log off the associated user. You should check with the user first in case they need to save any workflow changes.
Unlock Click this button to unlock a user account. A native LiveCompare user account is locked after three consecutive unsuccessful login attempts.

Deleting Users

To delete one or more users, select the check box next to each user to be deleted and click ‘Delete’. A confirmation dialog is displayed. To mark all the users for deletion, select the check box in the column heading. The initial ‘admin’ user account may not be deleted.


If you have LiveCompare Editor privileges, selecting the Administration/Users folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy displays the username, role and description for your user account only.