Shared queues

Shared queues are variables that enable dynamic content to be shared among Virtual Users. They follow the Producer-Consumer concept. They are used just like a NeoLoad variable and may be combined with other variables or static content (e.g.: product${SharedQueueVariable0}).

About shared queues

When a scenario is played out, it can be useful to have Virtual Users share extracted content. To do this, you need to use shared queues. A shared queue can be accessed by all Virtual Users and is used as a dynamic storage and exchange facility between Virtual Users. When a Virtual User adds a value to the store, it is placed at the end of the queue. The value remains there until another user requests it or, failing that, until the end of the test. When a value is requested, the oldest value in the queue is consumed and given to the requesting Virtual User.

A shared queue behaves like a First In, First Out (FIFO) pile, combined with the following limiting case policies: