A flag is used to identify a request that fulfills certain criteria. When a request fulfilling the criteria has been identified, a mark appears next to its icon in the User Path tree. Any Transaction (Container, loop, User Path, etc.) containing a flagged item is itself flagged.

  1. Display the flags pane:
  2. Select your flagging criteria.
  3. The items that fulfill the criteria, as well as their parent items, are flagged.

    Flags stay in place until the None criterion is selected.

Flagging criteria

Requests can be flagged according to the following criteria:


Flags are restricted in scope to the User Path in which the item that was right-clicked is located. To carry out a search in all User Paths, click the User Paths root node.

To change the search scope on the fly, click the desired User Path or the root node while the validation dialog is visible.