Configure a counter or indicator

Counters are grouped by category. Each category groups counters and indicators for a common monitored object. A counter or indicator is defined for a given monitor and for a specific category. A counter related to one monitor cannot be cut/pasted or moved to a monitor of a different type.

A counter returns numeric values. During a test, a counter can be viewed in the Runtime section (its value changes during the course of the test) as well as in the Results section.

An indicator returns lines of text. During a test, an indicator can only be viewed in the Results section.



A counter or indicator definition contains the following information:


A counter properties depend on its type. It is necessary to see the documentation for the specific monitor type for more information. Contextual help for each counter or indicator can be accessed by pressing F1.

Advanced settings - Counter/Indicator

Advanced settings are available for some types of monitors, such as SNMP or HTTP. These determine how the counter values are calculated and sampled.