Oracle DB

Supported versions

NeoLoad supports most common Oracle Database server versions: 10g, 11g and 12c.

Connection settings

Oracle monitors allow monitoring Oracle database servers. The counters are sorted by category: memory, call rates, cache ratio, and so on.

This monitor executes SQL requests on the Oracle Views dedicated to performance monitoring: V$SYSSTAT, V$SYSTEM_EVENT, V$SGASTAT, V$SESSION, V$LIBRARYCACHE, V$LATCH, V$WAITSTAT, V$SQLAREA, V$VERSION.

NeoLoad monitors the Oracle server using the JDBC protocol:

Create an Oracle monitor

NeoLoad makes it possible to create a new monitor either using the monitored machine creation wizard, as described in Create and configure a monitored machine, or from an existing monitored machine, as described in Create and configure a monitor.


The Additional properties area makes it possible to set the number of SQL requests displayed in NeoLoad which use database resources the most—for all the indicators of the Top SQL Statements category.

Available counters