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NeoLoad API Overview



Automation & Integration

NeoLoad Controller

Javascript API
Extend Virtual User Path with Javascript

Data Format Extension
Decode and encode formatted data that is exchanged between the client and the server

Custom Action API
Extend Virtual User Path with custom Advanced Actions

Data Exchange API
Add external metrics to NeoLoad results


Design API
Automate a recording, manipulate projects

Runtime API
Start/Stop a load test from NeoLoad Controller

Results API
Generate and download reports


NeoLoad Web


Results API
Retrieve/Push metrics for a test

Runtime API
Execute a test from NeoLoad Web

Execute actions on test events


Example and uses cases

In This Part

Data Exchange API

Data Format Extension API

Custom Action API

JavaScript Action API

Design API

Runtime API

Results API

See Also

NeoLoad 9.0

Get started

Reference guide

User guides

Tutorials, F.A.Q and Troubleshooting guide