Supported versions

The bundled MySQL driver is version 8.0.20 and is compatible with MySQL versions 5.6 and above.

Connection settings

MySQL monitor allows monitoring a MySQL database server. The counters are sorted by category: connections, read rates, query cache usage, and so on.

This monitor executes SQL requests on the database to obtain status and system variables. To perform the monitoring, NeoLoad requires an account with authorization to connect to the database and to read and collect global status data and variables.

NeoLoad monitors the MySQL server using the JDBC protocol:

Create a MySQL monitor

NeoLoad makes it possible to create a new monitor either using the monitored machine creation wizard, as described in Create and configure a monitored machine, or from an existing monitored machine, as described in Create and configure a monitor.

Available counters


Instances based on regular expressions

On top of the list of available counters and instances you can choose from when you design a Microsoft monitor, NeoLoad enables you to configure regular expressions.

In the Instances section, enter a new regular expression to match in the blank field and click the NLG-Create Create button to add this new regular expression to the list.

If you need to modify an existing regular expression, select it in the list of Instances of selected objects, the selected regular expression is then displayed in the blank field in the bottom of the screen so that you can bring your modifications and click the NLG-Save Save button to save it to the list.

This configuration will result in creating counters that will monitor all instances matching the regular expression(s) added.