Monitoring an Apache server requires the mod_status module, which publishes a dynamic page containing the server performance counters.

Apache monitors allow monitoring any server that publishes a web page in the compatible format. Whatever the application or application server (J2EE, PHP, .Net...), it is necessary to develop a specific page in order to publish the custom counters. For more information, see Use custom counters.

Configure the Apache server

To check the Apache configuration, access the address http://<your.server.name>/server-status from the NeoLoad Controller machine. A page with the Apache server statistics should be displayed.

Configure the Nginx server

For NeoLoad to be able to retrieve data from a Nginx server, the HttpStubStatusModule module must be enabled. This module provides the ability to get some status from Nginx:

To do this, it is necessary to edit the nginx.conf file:

# vi nginx.conf

The following code must be added or appended in context location:

   location /nginx_status {
        # Turn on stats
        stub_status on;
        access_log   off;
        # only allow access from #
        deny all;

The file must be saved and closed before reloading the Nginx server:

# service nginx reload


# nginx -s reload

To check the Nginx configuration, access the address http://<your.server.name>/nginx_status from the NeoLoad Controller machine. A page with the Nginx server statistics should be displayed.

Use custom counters

To monitor a server other than an Apache, it is necessary to develop a page containing the counters to be monitored. This page must return the data in the format name: value, the value being numeric.


nameCounter1: 10 
nameCounter2: -23.567 
nameCounter2: +17.33 

During the monitoring phase, NeoLoad queries the server regularly and records the counters values.

Connection settings

The monitor definition requires a server (defined in the Servers section of the User Paths) and a path. A server can be created in the Servers section, or one already created during a recording can be used.

Create an Apache monitor

NeoLoad makes it possible to create a new monitor either using the monitored machine creation wizard, as described in Create and configure a monitored machine, or from an existing monitored machine, as described in Create and configure a monitor.


Available counters

Advanced settings are available for all HTTP monitors. These settings determine how the monitor values are calculated and sampled. For more information, see Advanced settings - Counter/Indicator.

Apache Web server


When extended statistics are enabled (ExtendedStatus setting in the httpd.conf file set to On), the available counters are:

Default counters are:

Other Web servers

The available counters are those that follow the counterName: counterValue syntax and whose value is an integer or a real number.