User Path Update

The User Path Update wizard is made of the 4 steps detailed below.

User Path to be updated

The User Path to be updated step enables you to review the User Path that will be updated and the recording you want to update the User Path with.

If the wizard is opened from the Advanced > Update with a recent recording command from a User Path tree, this step enables you to select the recording you want to use to update the User Path.


The Preview step displays a first look of the updated User Path tree once it is synchronized with the recording.

There are 2 default matching thresholds:

On each node a status icon shows the state of the element:

The Preview step enables you to adjust the matching threshold with the cursor in the upper part of the dialog.

The higher the threshold is, the more matches will be found but higher the risk to display elements as matches while they are new.The percentage of matches is the ratio between the number of matching elements in the updated User Path versus the total number of elements in the updated User Path.

In this step you can also compare the updated User Path tree with the Original User Path by clicking the View original button which displays the User Path before the update.


In the Options step, you can choose whether or not to keep the default behaviors of the User Path update:


The Summary step gives details about the update