Create an on-demand Cloud session

Creating an on-demand Cloud session allows directly adding Cloud Load Generators to a NeoLoad project. Neotys can provide Cloud Load Generators in several geographical zones. Renting Cloud Load Generators requires Cloud credits, as described in Cloud credits or VUHs, as described in VUH.

Tip for Cloud Credits only: Before starting a test, it is advised to launch a sizing test and define the number and size (Medium or Large) of the Cloud Load Generators in every geographical zone required. For more information, see Cloud credits only: Size Cloud Load Generators.

A Cloud session can be created on demand in the Cloud Console. The Cloud Console is accessible in the NeoLoad Controller:

The Cloud Console is displayed. In the Session group box, it is necessary to click the cloud icon to Add a Cloud session. The connection window is displayed to enter the account login details, as described in Connect to the NeoLoad Cloud Platform.

Once the NeoLoad Cloud Platform is accessed, the Cloud Session Creation Wizard is displayed.

The Create a new on-demand Cloud session option must be selected before clicking on the Next button. The first Create a new session panel is displayed.

In the Workgroup selection group box, the Name drop-down list makes it possible to select the workgroup charged for the Cloud session. The Available credits or Available VUHs line displays your payment balance for the selected workgroup.

In the Session definition group box, it is necessary to specify:

A click on the Next button displays the second Create a new session panel.

The Schedule group box makes it possible to select the duration of the session.

The Start date shows "In a few minutes", meaning that the on-demand Cloud session starts as soon as the wizard is closed and the Cloud Load Generators are available.

In Duration, the duration of the session in hours must be entered or selected.

The Load Generators group box is different according to your payment mode.

If you are using Cloud credits, choose the type of Cloud Load Generators:

The Cost section shows the Available balance in Cloud credits or VUHs against the balance Reserved for this session according to the duration, type, zones, and number of Load Generators selected above. If credits or VUHs are missing for the Load Generators or Virtual Users selected, the information is displayed in red, and a link gives access to the Neotys Online Store to add more credits or VUHs on the fly.

A click on the Next button displays the Validate information wizard screen.

After checking the information for the session, a click on the Finish button starts the session.

Once the session is created, the Cloud Console is displayed.

The console shows the starting process of the selected Cloud Load Generators. When the Cloud Load Generators are ready, the test can be started.

  1. In the NeoLoad Controller toolbar, choose Open Cloud Console.
  2. In the connection window, enter your login details.
  3. In the Cloud Console, click + (plus).
  4. In the wizard, choose Create a new cloud session on-demand. Click Next.
  5. In the next wizard step:
  6. In the next wizard step:
  7. In the last wizard step, check the session information. Click Finish.
  8. Once the session is available, start your test.