Use an existing or reserved Cloud session

Reserving a Cloud session ensures the Load Generators are ready for a load test in the Cloud at a specific date. Besides, reserving the IP addresses of the Cloud Load Generators makes it possible to set the infrastructure before running the test.

To use an existing or reserved a Cloud session, you need to sign in to the NeoLoad Cloud Console. For more information, see Access the NeoLoad Cloud Platform from the NeoLoad Cloud Console.

Select the option Use an existing or reserved Cloud session and click the Next button.


In the Workgroup selection group box, the Name drop-down list helps select the workgroup of the reserved session.

In the Session selection group box, the table makes it possible to choose an available session. When a session is grayed-out in the table, it is still unavailable and it cannot be used at this time.

The session Status column may show:

An available session must be selected. A click on the Next button displays the Validate information step of the wizard.

This screen provides a summary of the reserved Cloud session. A click on the Back button makes it possible to select another Cloud session.

A click on Finish adds the selected Cloud session to NeoLoad.

Once the Load Generators are started, the Cloud Console can be closed. For more information, see Manage Cloud Load Generators.

The session can be used as described in Manage Cloud sessions.

  1. Reserve a Cloud session in the Online Cloud Console.
  2. In the NeoLoad Controller, click on the Open Cloud Console toolbar icon.
  3. In the Connection to the NeoLoad Cloud Platform box, enter your Login and Password. Click Connection.
  4. In the Cloud Console, click + (plus).
  5. In the Cloud Session Creation Wizard, select Use a reserved Cloud session. Click Next.
  6. In the Use a reserved session screen:
  7. In the Validation information screen, check that the configuration of your session is correct. Click Finish.
  8. Back in the Cloud Console, check that the Load Generators are started. Click Close.
  9. You can start using this Cloud session for your test.