Manage Cloud Load Generators

When a Cloud session is started for a NeoLoad project, the Cloud Load Generators are listed in the Load Generators group box of the Runtime Controller section.

Load Generators icons rely on the following graphic charter:




Green bullet

The Load Generator is available.


The Load Generator is running and the connection is secured.

For more information, see Encryption.

Yellow bullet

The Load Generator is busy in a running test.

Red bullet

The Load Generator is unavailable because the Load Generator machine or the Load Generator Agent is unreachable.

Orange bullet

The Load Generator Agent needs to be upgraded. Its version is different from the version of the Controller.

For more information, see Automatically update Load Generators.

Crossed mobile

The Load Generator does not support WAN emulation.

For more information, see WAN emulation.



The Load Generator is compatible with SAP applications recording.


The Cloud Load Generator is restarting.


The connection with the Cloud Load Generator machine is lost. It is necessary to check the firewall and other network devices configuration—the port 443 must be opened.

For more information, see Prerequisites.


Terminal Services

The Load Generator is installed in Terminal Services mode.

For more information, see Terminal Services.

A right-click on a Cloud Load Generator gives access to commands.

Three commands are applicable to any Load Generator:

Two commands are specific to Cloud Load Generators:

The Cloud Console of the NeoLoad Controller and the online Cloud Console make it possible to know the status of the Load Generators in a selected Cloud Session and act on them: