Runtime errors

Error details may be obtained while the test is running. Click on the Refresh button to display the latest error occurrences.


General error information

Select an error to obtain the following information:

Detailed error information

Displays details of the HTTP request sent to the server. Check your form parameter values if need be.

Server response

Displays the server response. If the server could not be contacted, this contains an error message generated by NeoLoad.


When an SAP Action is selected, displays the screenshot of the SAP Action in error.


Displays the assertion results (validations) for the response. Empty if the assertion is validated.

Previous request

Displays details of the previous request (determined by the referrer) to help find the root cause of the current error. Indeed, an anomaly or error on a page may cause the following page to fail.

Stopping a Virtual User at Runtime

Stopping a specific Virtual User instance at runtime brings a lot of flexibility when running a test, in addition to stopping or canceling the number of Virtual Users in a population as described in Change the number of Virtual Users at runtime.

This function makes it possible to stop one or more troublesome Virtual Users without impairing the whole test. For example, when a particular Virtual User instance is not initialized properly, and the case is not anticipated in the design, the Virtual User may keep trying to execute its actions endlessly, causing many irrelevant errors for the test result.

When a Virtual User is selected, the Stop Virtual User function is available:


The Stop Virtual Users dialog box includes the options:

  1. In the Runtime Errors tab or in the Runtime Users tab, select a Virtual User.
  2. To open the Stop Virtual Users dialog box:
  3. Select:
  4. Click OK.