Virtual Users at runtime

The Virtual Users monitoring group box shows the Virtual Users currently being executed.


Virtual User information

The following information is available for each Population being run:

The Virtual Users can be filtered by:

Monitor a Virtual User at runtime

A Virtual User can be monitored during a test.

In the Virtual User monitoring group box, a click on Follow displays the Follow the Virtual User dialog box.


  1. Click the Follow button or select the option in the drop-down menu or double-click on the Virtual User you wish to monitor.
  2. The Virtual User monitoring window is displayed. The real-time display of data only starts on the next page played by the Virtual User, therefore you will need to wait a few seconds before the first details are displayed.
Stopping a Virtual User at Runtime

Stopping a specific Virtual User instance at runtime brings a lot of flexibility when running a test, in addition to stopping or canceling the number of Virtual Users in a population as described in Change the number of Virtual Users at runtime.

This function makes it possible to stop one or more troublesome Virtual Users without impairing the whole test. For example, when a particular Virtual User instance is not initialized properly, and the case is not anticipated in the design, the Virtual User may keep trying to execute its actions endlessly, causing many irrelevant errors for the test result.

When a Virtual User is selected, the Stop Virtual User function is available:


The Stop Virtual Users dialog box includes the options:

  1. In the Runtime Errors tab or in the Runtime Users tab, select a Virtual User.
  2. To open the Stop Virtual Users dialog box:
  3. Select:
  4. Click OK.