This tab contains details of the HTTP request errors.


General information

The number of errors displayed varies depending on the zone, Population and Virtual User selected during filtering. If the "Storage capacity exceeded" warning message displays, it indicates that the actual number of errors recorded during the test exceeds the number of errors displayed. By default, the maximum number of error details stored is 20,000.

  1. Stop NeoLoad.
  2. Open the <install-dir>/conf/ file in a text editor.
  3. In the [Results]category, change the value of the key. The default value is 20000.
  4. Re-start NeoLoad and repeat the load test.

Detailed Error Information

Selecting an error displays the following information:

Selected error details


It displays details of the HTTP request sent to the server. It is necessary to check the form parameter values if need be.

Server response

It displays the server response. When the server could not be contacted, it contains an error message generated by NeoLoad.


Some errors have an optional screenshot (only SAP, Citrix, and RealBrowser actions).


It displays the assertion results (validations) for the response. It is empty if the assertion is validated.

Previous request

It displays details of the previous request to help find the root cause of the current error, since an anomaly or error on a page may cause the following page to fail.