The Details tab is enabled when the scenario has been launched in Debug mode or when the project contains external data.

For more information about starting a test in debug mode, see Start the test. For more information about changing the data logging level, see Overview.

per User Paths

This tab displays the User Paths iterations executed during the test:

Only the iterations of Virtual Users matching the Detail mode criteria are made available:

Virtual User iteration runtime overview

Selecting a Virtual User iteration execution (second-level node in the tree) displays the following information:

Validate a user runtime

When the scenario is started in Debug mode, it may be useful to view the details of a User Path iteration at the end of the test. To do this, the desired Container (second-level node in the tree) must be selected, then the Show Virtual User button must be clicked.

The Virtual User iteration is displayed in the validation window. For more information about the validation window, see Check a Virtual User.

Binary responses are not recorded in Debug mode for performance reasons.

per external data

Select from the drop down menu : External Data.

No matter which test mode (normal or debug) was used, the external data injected during execution can be displayed on this panel. Data are aggregated per path and execution instance.